Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dinner at the Château with a visit from the US consulate of Rennes

Today, the students from the program along with several young Saumurois, elected officials of Saumur and the US consulate from Rennes were invited by the city of Saumur to dine in a restaurant right next to the château of Saumur. The evening started with the city officials teaching the students how to play local games. This was followed by several speeches, notably by Molly and Evan (Bravo les stagiaires !) and then we sat down to eat. We ended the evening with several group pictures and with a sunset over the Loire and the city of Saumur.

I honestly can't believe how well we have been treated this year and I have a great appreciation for the Saumurois.

Before the event.

Evan giving his speech.
Molly giving her speech.

Group photo of everyone, even the Saumur and US officials.

Ma maison :)

View of Saumur and the Loire river.

The students together!


  1. Looked like the weather cooperated (we were probably having T and L storms in Indiana at the same time these pictures were taken!) What lovely pictures. Thank you again for keeping us updated with your activities :). It is making us wish were were there too!!!