Saturday, July 10, 2010

3rd Excursion (Ile de Ré, La Rochelle)

Yesterday was our third excursion for the program. We first took the bus to the very edge of the Ile de Ré, an island that is just off the coast of France. We started off our visit with the Phare des Baleines ("Lighthouse of the whales") located in Saint-Clément-des-Baleines.

We climbed the 257 steps and got to see a fantastic view.

After the lighthouse, students explored the small village and its many different souvenir shops that it had to offer.

We picnicked with a view of the ocean in the port town of Saint-Martin-de-Ré and then the students discovered the town in small groups.

After our visit of the city, the students finally got a chance to go to the beach and cool off in the water:

We finished our excursion with a quick trip to La Rochelle, a city connected by a bridge to the Ile de Ré.

Below you can see a group photo of all of the students under the arcades:

We took the bus back to Saumur. We made the time go by quicker by singing songs in the bus. :)

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