Monday, July 5, 2010

Guided tour of Saumur, Reception at city hall, Saumur's Calvary museum

Instead of having class today, the city of Saumur offered the students a guide tour of the city of Saumur.

The guide taught us much about things such as the history and the architecture in the city. After the tour, the guide took us to city hall for a reception with representatives from the city of Saumur.

During the reception, the representatives had us discuss their favorite moments in France and then asked us to draw them...

...and present them to everyone else. Many of the common themes were excursions (chateaux, Normandy) and the city of Saumur.

My favorite part of the reception was when the representative put down a red ribbon on the floor and told us that one end represented someone who did not speak French at all and on another end represented someone who spoke French very well. Most of the students put themselves at the end that did not speak French very well while the professors put themselves closer to the other end.

That same representative then asked us where we would like our French to be later on. As you can see, our students all want to become better French speakers.

Here is a group photo of everyone together (including Sonya Stephens - without her help this program would not have been created):

After lunch, the students and teachers went to the Cavalry Museum of Saumur for a visit...

...followed by a stroll along the Loire.


  1. Brian:
    We are enjoying the blog and photos immensely. Thank you for taking the time to post and to upload the pictures. We wish we were there, but that would probably spoil the experience!

    We are quite touched by the warm reception that Saumur has given everyone. Please pass our thanks and regards to Marie-Linet, Michael and Marie-Christine.
    Kind regards,
    Dan Milligan

  2. I second all of Mr. Milligan's comments. Viva Saumur!